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SCP & Community

Teacher Appreciation Week is Every Week At SCP Insurance!

SCP Insurance believes that our public school educators are an integral part of our community, and they deserve our respect, support and a huge thank you! Without quality educators in our classrooms our community cannot thrive and we must do what we can to let them know we are appreciative of all they do.

Therefore, although it is a small gesture, it is our goal to offer a bagel to every teacher in the Douglas County School District. We have teamed up with local bagel shops in Douglas County to make an order once a week and deliver bagels ourselves to the schools for their staff to enjoy. This endeavor will take approximately 2 years to reach our goal of providing a bagel to well over 3000 teachers in DCSD and we are dedicated to achieving it. They deserve much more, but we hope this small token shows that the community cares about them.

A note to the Teachers of Douglas County School District.

Thank you for all you do everyday and we are happy that you visited our website. If we recently provided your school bagels, please leave us a short message, we love hearing from you! If we haven’t made it to you yet, we look forward to visiting you soon.

While you’re here, if there is anything we can help you with, please feel free to contact us. Some $avings just might be the perfect side for your bagel!

Leave Us A Message

    31 Mar: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Fox Creek Elementary

    I am very in awe about how an idea to deliver bagels just a few months ago has turned into a Happy Hour Event, and now a group of business owners with the same initiative.

    24 Mar: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Redstone Elementary

    We have over 40 RSVP’s for the event and the feedback has been awesome.

    10 Mar: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Wildcat Mountain

    Wildcat Mountain delivery came just before Spring Break and it was obvious everyone was excited about a much needed break.

    03 Mar: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Eagle Ridge Elementary

    Our event has been scheduled for April 13th at Fogo de Chao and everyone is very excited to announce it.

    24 Feb: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Acres Green Elementary

    Did you know that Acres Green is one of the oldest elementary schools in the Douglas County School District?

    17 Feb: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Lone Tree Elementary

    Our Lone Tree Elementary delivery marked 500 bagels delivered to Douglas County School District.

    10 Feb: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Mammoth Heights Elementary

    At Mammoth Heights I was in contact with Jana who was so energetic and sweet. The delivery was a bit late but Jana was patient and showed me around the school a bit.

    04 Feb: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Legacy Point Elementary

    My experience at Legacy Point was very surprising and really showed me just how appreciative these teachers are when shown how much we as a community care.

    27 Jan: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Gold Rush Elementary

    I looked forward to visiting Gold Rush all week, mostly due to its incredibly cool name. I thought my elementary school, that Woodland Hills Woodsmen was cool, but Gold Rush is admittedly cooler.

    20 Jan: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Prairie Crossing Elementary

    Very busy morning at Prairie Crossing. Looked like Grand Central at this place. There were cars pulling through and the parking lot was already half full before 7:30 am. It really shows just how much work and how long the hours are for so many staff at these schools.

    13 Jan: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Cherokee Trail Elementary School

    Week two started off similar to week one in that I had trouble tracking down the bagel delivery. This time they had switched locations last minute because the store the order was originally set at had such a staffing shortage they could not complete the order on that morning.

    06 Jan: SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Pine Grove Elementary School

    This being the first delivery I had hoped everything would go smoothly, but of course there were some bumps in the road, and some lessons learned. Lesson one, I am not patient enough to be a teacher.