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SCP Insurance Bagel Delivery: Acres Green Elementary

Did you know that Acres Green is one of the oldest elementary schools in the Douglas County School District?

Acres Green Elementary!  2/24/2022 Week 8:
This week I had reached out to Kate Gould <[email protected]> with Hand in Hand, and organization that is focused on collecting donations from the community to provide teachers fun events and help them with classroom related needs they often pay for out of pocket. We discussed ways to collaborate to help DCSD teachers and staff. It occurred to me that we won an event at Fogo de Chao prior to Covid and Kate and I reached out to Amy Ribich Evans <[email protected]> there to start putting together an event.

My delivery was a fun one and a very cold one to Acres Greene where Peggy was very helpful and I got to meet a few other staff as well. I learned that Acres Green was one of the oldest elementary schools in the district.

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